You’re One Step Away from Best Search Engine Ranking with these 5 Drupal Modules

Today’s outgrowing online competition has made it mandatory for every entrepreneur to run a website that surpasses the expectations of search engine crawlers. If you’ve chosen Drupal for powering your website, you’ve actually made the right decision. This open source content management system has a variety of features, which play a vital role in the creation of fully functional and visually appealing websites. Whether you’re operating a corporate house, a government agency or are just spreading general awareness via your Drupal website, some specific modules can simply serve as an add-on. Through this blog, I’ll be highlighting some crucial aspects of top 5 Drupal SEO modules that have the potential of making your website friendly with all the popular search engines.


Why choose additional modules for Search engine optimization of Drupal websites?

Although Drupal has been successful in making it to the list of the most desirable Content Management Systems (CMSs), there are some modules that have the capability of adding a unique tint of search engine friendliness to the Drupal powered websites. These modules are easy to install and play a critical role in improving the search engine ranking of Drupal websites. If you’re able to find the right modules for your Drupal website, there are greater chances for your site to get ranked among the best websites available on different search engine results pages.

Now, here’re the top 5 Drupal SEO modules capable of shooting up the search engine ranking of your Drupal website

Drupal SEO Module No. 1- Drupal SEO Tools

Drupal SEO Tools is a result-proven Drupal SEO module that works wonders for your SEO campaign. On installing and activating this module on your website, it becomes convenient for you to improve the search engine optimization task effectively. Pre-packed with a massive collection of tools, this module makes it easier for Drupal users to optimize and report their website in a less time-consuming manner. Equipped with a comprehensive backend panel, this Drupal module lets you integrate the analytics report of your website, thereby rendering you complete information about the overall search engine performance. Some of the useful tools that come along with this Drupal module include Keyword Extraction, Keyword Research, Google Analytics, Content Optimization, Link Management, Meta Tags, XML Sitemap, Content Tagging and many more.

Drupal SEO Module No. 2- W3C Analyzer

As the very first step towards boosting your website’s chances to rank on the first search engine result page, it is crucial to get the site validated by W3C. Using W3C Analyzer module makes it faster and easier for your web pages to get W3V validated. Upon installing and activating this module in your Drupal website, all the website data is incorporated from the W3C Validator module into the content analysis API, affirming 100% W3C validation of your website.

Drupal SEO Module No. 3- SEO Checklist

SEO Checklist is yet another Drupal module that creates a fully functional to-do list of all the On-page SEO tasks that need to be implemented for your website. This to-do list comprises of tasks viz: Paths, Title Tags, Content and many others. With a handy list of tasks that can maintain the search engine friendly nature of your Drupal website, it becomes easier for you to get your website to the first page of search engine results.

Drupal SEO Module No. 4-Scrybe SEO Analyzer

Today, content has become a prime concern of every individual who wants to operate a popular website. With Google giving highest priority to websites containing 100% authentic and top-grade content, it is crucial to optimize your website’s content for the search engines. Installing Scrybe SEO Analyzer lets you optimize your Drupal website’s content, keeping in mind the specific expectations of popular search engines. Additionally, you can also receive tips on how to modify your site’s content so that it receives maximum search engine traffic.

Drupal SEO Module No. 5- Hit Tail

Keywords play a vital role in ensuring higher search engine ranking of websites. With Drupal’s Hit Tail module, it becomes easier for you to analyze your web visitors in real-time and you can effectively receive a list of keywords that are targeted via your Search engine optimization campaign.

Wrapping Up

Now that you’re familiar with the best Drupal SEO modules, I’m sure it’ll become convenient for you to select the right one for your website. It’s time for you to route your SEO efforts in the right direction because a single wrong step can adversely affect your website’s organic search engine traffic.
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