Is WhatsApp Safer than Telegram?

The security of our data is more important than ever, especially now that our form of communication has evolved and new avenues arise. Instant messaging like WhatsApp. We have dozens of applications in our mobile on all platforms that offer a similar service: send messages quickly to your contacts.

WhatsApp vs Telegram

Telegram is a messaging app with a focus on speed and security. Telegram have always announced the four winds good security to their users to enjoy this service, point to point encryption, verification of user identity and more. However, a few weeks ago WhatsApp would introduce a great improvement in their application, the message encryption end to end (E2EE) than would be possible through collaboration with Open Whisper Systems.

The first point that has touched has been the role of self-destruction of messages, the way by which we can send messages with an expiration date via Telegram. However, with tools like Anti-Telegram Delete Protection Tool, you can remove these messages as occurs in services like WhatsApp or Skype.

Similarly, a typical text “online” applications that use messaging to indicate when a user is connected can be used to create automatic records and details of times a person and their usage patterns Telegram.

In one case, when you have physical access to that person’s smartphone and computer in which the normally connected, could get all messages from the database, without knowing the login.

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