How to Transfer Funds into Your Own other Accounts in SBI

State Bank of India is one of the most popular Indian multinational bank which provide Public Sector banking and financial services to their users. The company mainly operates from its headquarter Mumbai, Maharashtra. SBI owned by Government of India. SBI bank Founded 2 June 1806 and now it is serving worldwide.

SBI Logo

SBI Logo

If you own a State Bank of India (SBI) account and want to transfer your funds online in your other SBI account. You can transfer funds from your Savings to Current or Current to Saving.

Before transfer funds to your account you need a SBI net banking account, if you don’t have one, simply visit SBI official website and download registration form and submit it to your nearest SBI branch in your city. to create SBI internet banking account online.

After you get your account login details, now simply follow the below given steps:

1. Login in to your SBI Account and fill the required username and password.

Transfer Funds SBI

2. If you operate two different accounts such as Saving and Current than click on Payment/Transfers button as shown in the below image.

Transfer Funds SBI 2

3. Now choose Funds Transfer >> Click on Own Account >> Within SBI – Own Account >> Select the account from which you wish to transfer funds >> Tick the account number >> Add the Amount you wish to transfer and fill the Remarks >>

Transfer Funds SBI 3


4. Than Select the account into which the amount is to be credited >> Choose Account No. / Nick name >> Pay Now >> Finally click on “Submit Button” and you are done.

Transfer Funds SBI 4

Funds has been transferred to your account. Now check your account balance. Hope this tutorial is helpful to you if you have any questions than let us know in the below comments.

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