Top 10 Richest People in the IT-Industry

Bill Gates

Every successful person wants to see his name in the ranking of Forbes. Here are ways to achieve this are different. Someone sells precious metals, someone finds themselves in investment and create some products without the existence of which can not imagine my life more than half the world’s population.We offer you ten amazing stories about people who get rich thanks to information technology.


10. Michael Dell – $19 billion | Dell

Michael Dell

Not all our dreams are destined to come true. Michael Dell, who dreamed of becoming a doctor, was forced to quit after 2 years of study, and in 2005 his name was splashed on the fourth line in the ranking of the richest people in the United States according to Forbes. The secret of his success was the company PC Limited, founded by Michael in 1984, immediately after leaving the university.

Most of his career PC Limited sold only computers, but in 2003 (after 19 years) assortment of electronics has increased significantly, and therefore the company was renamed Dell Inc. By the time the company’s net income was already $3 billion a year. Now Dell takes chair the board of directors and serves as the chief executive. With regard to activities outside the business, Michael Dell is actively donates money to charity and enjoys the success of his four children.


9. Laurene Powell Jobs – $19 billion | Spouse: Steve Jobs (m. 1991–2011)

Laurene Powell Jobs

You can often hear the view that man must find the right purpose in life, and women for such a purpose. Lauren met a man of 26 years, and it was Steve Jobs. Ninth place on this list Lauren owes her husband, because all of the shares of Apple and Disney went to her inheritance. There is hardly a person who says that Lauren Jobs made the list unfairly. Over the years, she had to keep quiet in the house and inspire his insanely talented and challenging her husband’s new achievements and accomplishments.


8. Steve Ballmer – $21.5 billion | Retired CEO of Microsoft

Steve Ballmer

Steve Ballmer is the most controversial man of the whole ten. Although for the time spent as the CEO of Microsoft  (2000 to 2014), he managed to increase the annual income of the computer giant from 25 to 70 billion dollars. Ballmer amassed their capital due to options received from Microsoft. After his dismissal odious billionaire to not get depressed, Ballmer bought a basketball team “Los Angeles Clippers” for $2 billion.


7. Jack Ma – $22.7 billion | Alibaba

Jack Ma

Perhaps you thought that IT-oligarchs have only in America, but it is not. In 1999, Jack and his partners could not think that they have created Alibaba B2B-platform in just a few years become a world-class company with a capitalization of $270 billion and will generate 2% of China’s GDP. But before all this fairy tale that has become Ma Yun (second name of genius from China) reality, he had to go through a difficult childhood, listen to hundreds of failures for a job (he was not accepted even in KFC) and worked for five years at the Pedagogical University Hangzhou for 12 dollars a month.

The first positive changes in life occurred in 1995: visiting Seattle. This event is made on the future oligarch so impressed that just a few months later, he opened a small company to create Web sites. After returning to his homeland, after working a year head of the China Center for e-commerce, he took important decision in his life – founded the company that made him famous all over the world and drove Ebay with the internal market.

In 2013, Alibaba enters the IPO, receiving a record investment of $25 billion. The nearest plans of the company are not less grandiose (eg, they include the creation of China’s first private bank), and no one doubts that they will be successfully implemented.


6. Sergey Brin $29.2 billion | Google

Sergey Brin, co-founder of Google

Sixth position again at the American, but this time the Russian origin. Sergey Brin family moved from Moscow to the United States when he was five years old. A few months before his majority, Sergei came to Russia with a group of students, and warm feelings this trip he did not call.

During his studies at Stanford University, Sergei began to study different search engines, and even wrote several studies on the subject.

There he met Larry Page. In 1998, a student who has completed Master’s and post-graduate student of mathematics, who studied with the search, the machine announced the foundation of the company with an obscure name Google. New business immediately began to generate revenues, and in 2004 Sergey Brin appears on the Forbes list with a capital of $ 4 billion.


5. Larry Page $29.7 billion | Google

Larry Page

Larry Page an American computer scientist and internet entrepreneur who cofounded Google Inc. with Sergey Brin, and is the corporation’s current CEO. Page is the inventor of PageRank, Google’s best-known search ranking algorithm to rank better search results in Google SERP.


4. Mark Zuckerberg $33.4 billion | Facebook

Mark Zuckerberg

Mark Zuckerberg – not just the founder of the world’s largest social network Facebook, but also one of the youngest billionaire in history, member of the charity Warren Buffett and Bill Gates, as well as “Man of the Year – 2010” by the publication Time. Currently he is the CEO of Facebook, and it owns 19% of shares of “social” company.


3. Jeff Bezos $34.8 billion | Amazon

Jeff Bezos

The third place and the bronze medal today receives the man who in 1994 realized that the best place for the sale of goods in Internet. Jeff Bezos, founder of Amazon, spent a brilliant work by inventing the world’s first formula for the online sale of books.


2. Larry Ellison $54.3 billion | Oracle

Larry Ellison

Life is challenging its future founder and CEO of Oracle since childhood: his mother left him when Larry was a year old, and foster parents considered him a failure because of problems with their studies. But as soon as he became acquainted with computers and started programming, life changed dramatically.

After moving to California, he founded the fateful Oracle, at first served as a database for a very different company in which Larry has worked since 1974. He always wanted to be rich, and his dream came true: in 2000 his condition was equal to $ 48 billion. The company is became the fastest growing company of America.


1. Bill Gates $79.2 billion | Microsoft

Bill Gates

The rich man in IT-industry is Bill Gates, who earns $6,700 a minute. He took first place in the ranking Forbes in 1996, losing only once it Warren Buffett and Carlos Slim in 2008, but it lasted long – 12 months Bill Gates once again rose 3 ranking on the first line. But the world-famous computer corporation is no longer his main activity.

In 1994 with his wife, Melinda, he founded the world’s largest charitable foundation. Currently Gates is the chairman of the board of directors by Microsoft, and each year pays more attention to the development of his foundation.

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