South Korea is Preparing for the Establishment of Military Robots

The creation of military robots is planned for 2016, they are going to take place along the demilitarized zone between South and North Korea.

Republic of Korea in 2016 is going to begin to build combat robots. The preparatory phase has been completed, announced Saturday a representative of the State Institute for Military Studies.

South Korea Military Robots

The representative of the Institute of Defense said that the development of a combat robot carried out in 2012. At this time, there is a development of the operating system and management technologies for fighting robots, and this work should be completed next year. In the end it will be possible to proceed directly to the creation of a combat robot, he emphasized employee of the State Institute for Military Studies. Specific terms he did not name.

It is expected that the battle would be the six-wheeled robot chassis. Weighing combat vehicle will be five tons, and it is expected that the robot will be able to automatically detect the penetration of the enemy and destroy him.

If all goes well, these robots will be placed along the perimeter line between the Republic of Korea and the DPRK. There they will be engaged in border control and the search for mines.

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