5 Best Skeleton Skull Shaped Wired Telephones

These days, we see the symbol of the skeleton skull emblazoned on everything from child socks to a nightclub wear. You can see skull nowadays in most Jewelry, jackets, shirts and other garments glittering with rhinestones or other artistic performances. Now electronic wired telephones made in skeleton shape.

Why so much interest? Skulls are just a sign of rebellion or devil worship, today. Now, once a powerful symbol of death and intellectualism, the skeletal remains of the human head are cliché, perhaps even boring. Too conventional for a real biker and usually, even in its many artistic representations, which does not even satisfy the morbid curiosity of the average elementary school student.

Skull imagery has been associated with death and transcendence; human spirituality, if you will. It is a reminder of our mortality, the transitory nature of life and its existence after the end of the chronological life, the limitations of human knowledge and understanding. Let’s take a look at the best skull telephones below:

1. Skeleton Skull Shape Wired Telephone Landline Phone with Led Eyes

Skeleton Skull Shape Wired Telephone


The phone has a pulse/tone switch and available in black color with white teeth and the double teeth is broken to give the telephone a cool look. You can also redial button for redialing the last number. It also has the flash button for conference calling also helpful in night to pick up. The blink color is blue. Any old telephone cables should fit on this phone easily.


2. White Skull Shaped Telephone

White Skull Shaped Telephone

This has the same features as above but this phone is available in pure white with a blink flash.


3. Flashing Skull Shaped Telephone


Skull Telephone

It has the black bone holding with the teeth on this telephone. The eyes are big looks scary. This telephone is perfect for use in a bedroom, office, study, etc.


4. Gunmetal Gems Skull Telephone

Gunmetal Gems Skull Telephone

This wired black telephone is made with gunmetal gem material to give them a cool look. The white is teeth broken.


5. Diamond Skull Telephone

Diamond Skull Telephone

This scary flashing eyed diamond skull corded telephone goth vintage style is made with diamonds.

Which one skull telephone do you like the most, let us know your views in the below comments.

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