Things to do Before Selling Your Old Smartphone

Want to sell your old smartphone or tablet you no longer use? We explain how to sell your device looking like new!

No matter who is the buyer, always going to have to leave it as new, mostly about your privacy. To remove all your data, there are several things you should know and do.


External Memory

Remove the SIM card: Many times we forget that little chip because it is inside the device, but without it you will lose your number and many personal details will be available to others.
Remove the SD card: It is quite likely to extend your smartphone’s memory like an SD card comprises your phone whenever it resisted. If you want it, you take your new phone, don’t forget to remove it.

Format SD card: If you are give SD card along with your phone, you must delete all data and format the SD card to be sure. This is very easy. You can do it from the settings for your phone, storage or directly on the option from the External memory. There you will find the option to Format the SD card.


Clear the Internal Memory and Restore the Device

Now continue deleting data, this time is to clear internal memory. So that we can restore the device. In this process you want to remove all data since the information on your accounts includes, such as applications, pictures, music, videos, etc.

You can connect the device via USB to your computer and save all data on your PC. Also, if you want to transfer all your data applications to a new device you can always make a backup with Helium application.

After making Backup of your appropriate data, we will return the device to its first state as if it were new. To do this, also from the settings in Personal (or privacy) and press reset Factory data button.

The following data will be deleted:

  • Google Account Settings
  • Configuration of data and system applications
  • Installed applications
  • Music
  • Photos
  • Videos
  • Other user data
  • Linked accounts (Facebook, Dropbox, Twitter and Similar).
  • For security reasons, you will be prompted to re-enter your PIN if your phone is locked, before confirming the process.

That’s it! Now your smartphone is like new, ready to sell it second hand or give it away!

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