Why You Need a Selfie Stick

One of the most common favors you need to look for when traveling in a group is to ask strangers to click on a group photo for you. This means that you have no more than a group photo when on an outing with family and friends, since it is not likely to make another request to another person for taking a photo.

Selfie stick allow you to take so many pictures of group you want, whenever you want, without having to ask for help.

Image courtesy - clearchannel.com

Image courtesy – clearchannel.com


Each Member of Your Group is included in a Group Photo

While taking a group photo, one of the members of your group has to work as a cameraman, and therefore can not be included in the group photo. Well, you may take turns to do the work of the cameraman, but the fact is you do not have a picture of the whole group.

The other option is to take a tripod with you, and you will agree that this is a rather cumbersome work. Unless each member of the group appears in the group photo, not a group photo in reality.


A Tripod is Required

Image courtesy - henrys.com

Image courtesy – henrys.com

It is possible to argue that a tripod (small device with 3 legs to firmly hold a camera in place) can be used to take group photos, so why prefer the use of sticks for the selfie purpose?

The most problematic feature of a tripod is that someone has to tow it along all the time. Spoiling all the fun of being in a group. Moreover, the cost of a tripod is significantly compared with a selfie stick. So it is quite tedious and time consuming to adjust the angle while recording with a camera. A selfie stick offers much more flexibility.

These features make it a better choice when compared with tripods in a holiday with a group of people.


More Stability

Did you know that an important reason for it is the trembling blur movement of your hand when taking the selfie? Well, this is quite normal.

Using a stick selfie for holding your camera or smartphone, you will find that the quality of the photos better soon. The reason is the fact that sticks selfie help minimize tremor or movement of your hand.


Your Camera/Smartphone not Slip away from you so often hand

Surely you would have known or heard of someone whose camera slipped from his hands as while taking a selfie! Well, that’s the worst thing that could happen to have an enjoyable time with friends or family. The chances of your camera slide your hand are almost completely eliminated, as it is held on the stick selfie holding it firmly. The only precaution is to check occasionally if the stick selfie is working fine.

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