At Electronic Ways, we appreciate your readership and support and place a high value on your personal privacy. We respect the personal nature of the information you provide us on our web site and staunchly recognize the importance of protecting this information.

In adopting this privacy policy (this “Privacy Policy”), our intent is to balance our legitimate business interests in collecting and using your personal information with your reasonable expectations of privacy.

This Privacy Policy may be revised or updated at any time and we encourage you to check back often to ensure that you are familiar with the most recent version and the terms of our Privacy Policy.

When does Electronic Ways collect my personal information?

You may provide personal information to Electronic Ways several ways including:
(1)By sharing your e-mail address when subscribing to our newsletter.
(2)By sharing personal information when submit your Article,Tutorial,Tips & Tricks and more… to us or by submitting a report via our Contact Form or Feedback Form.
(3)By sharing personal information when you post comments on our posts.
(4)By sharing contact information (Twitter username and Facebook account name) through our contests.
In addition to basic contact information, our analytics trackers may also collect other information. This may include the operating system you are working on, the Internet browser you are using, and the screen resolution of your computer.

How does Electronic Ways use my personal information?
Depending on the portion of our site that you have subscribed to or interacted with, we may use your information in a number of ways.

The email address you provided through our newsletter subscription form enables us to send you a daily digest of Electronic Ways news stories and posts. This subscription is entirely opt-in by the user.

(We cannot subscribe you to the newsletter as you personally must have access to the email account in order to verify the subscription.) Subscribers can opt-out of our newsletter at any time by clicking the “Unsubscribe” link that is present on every email at the very bottom of the newsletter.

The email address that you use when contacting via our Contact Form will not be used for any reason but for the purposes of responding to your inquiry.

We may at times request your participation in a survey. We will not provide your email addresses to any third party but may contact you via them to distribute prizes in associated giveaways.

We may also share your email address such information will be used for data analytics and advertising targeting. However, we do not sell individual personal data or email addresses or allow them to be used for mailings you have not asked to receive.

We have also contracted with a number of advertising network partners to monitor certain pages of our website and RSS feeds for the purpose of reporting website and RSS traffic, statistics, advertisement “click-throughs,” and/or other activities on our website.

Where authorized by us, these advertising network partners may use cookies, web beacons, and/or other monitoring technologies to compile anonymous statistics about our website visitors.

No personally identifiable information is collected by or transferred to these network partners. For more information about how the information is collected and used, please see the following:

Feedburner’s privacy policy at
Google’s privacy policy at

Accounts associated with Electronic Ways are all ‘public.’ By ‘public,’ we mean that certain information will be viewable by all users. What you see on other user profiles is the same information that other users can see about you.