Microsoft Skype to Keep only the Desktop Version

Easy Touch version of video calling and messaging service, Skype, Microsoft is to keep only the desktop version available to its users.

The company states that the PC experience to a single application that can be used either with the mouse and keyboard, or touch devices is simplified.

Microsoft Skype

After July 7, users who try to use the touch-friendly version of the application will prompt to download the update, the desktop version of the application.

The upcoming Windows 10 OS, Skype will come embedded as native messaging application and will be updated so that it adapts to the new continuum feature and automatically switches to full screen when a PC is put into tablet mode.

This comes ahead of the next version of the popular desktop operating system world, which is scheduled for release July 29. Skype last tweak is a part of the broader Microsoft’s approach to provide a seamless experience for users across devices.

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