List of the Best Computer Brands

In the days when computers were just beginning to help the world of household appliances, in the market there were only a few brands. Currently, there are a huge number of companies engaged in the production of computer parts like, and the production of computers themselves. Each company is fighting for a place in the list of the most popular computer brands and trying to find its niche.

Buying a laptop or desktop computer to the user puts a problem not only in terms of the choice of certain functions or any configuration, but the choice of brand. The number of computer brands on the market of computers is currently so great that the choice of a suitable brand to a potential buyer turns into a headache. Any more or less popular brand has a stable group of fans who have certain expectations and needs in terms of the preferred brand. Let’s find out what is the top and the best computer brands are:

Each of the following famous brands having the reliability and application of advanced technologies in their devices. These PCs are suitable for students, professionals, gamers, and so on.



Apple Logo

Apple has always been a leader in technology, but in recent years, other brands have begun to catch up to its reputation. However, Apple create a unique user experience with its own operating system OS X and Mac OS. The operating system is what works and computer programs that you use. This is certainly not a cheap option for the computer, but it’s a high quality product, if you want to spend the money.



Acer Logo

Acer is a reasonably priced computer, although not the cheapest to buy. It’s a good middle-of-variant way if you plan to e-mail or surfing the Internet. This manufacturer offers laptops and desktops, as well as new tablets that more people are choosing. It used to be known for its low prices, but it seems, is trying to break out of this mold, offering models with more features.



Dell Logo

Dell is one of the best choices for consumer computers. These computers are often chosen for people who have a home office or want a little more power on the system. They are not too expensive, but they are not cheap. However, Dell has a reputation for lasting a long time, which means you do not have to replace it as often. If you are an enthusiastic gamer, you will surely be able to choose Dell computer in a suitable configuration, as Dell is famous throughout the world as the best brand in terms of computer gaming.



Lenovo Logo

Lenovo has developed as a brand to watch. The company is implementing some stylish computers, which include a top-of-the-line features. It pursues HP, to be number one for the laptops. Lenovo also presented the tablet-style computers to compete for the mobile crowd.

Lenovo, as a brand, undoubtedly rose up after the company was acquired by IBM. ThinkPad and IdeaPad are among the best computers, which appeared on the market recently. Lenovo is the 4th largest supplier of computers in the world. The quality of computers is on the level of quality in computer brands.



Samsung Logo

Samsung has been in the news most of the time. Although this is mainly because of its smartphone, the company is attacking the other producers on all fronts. The design of all products Samsung PC is smooth and shiny, and loaded with features. Samsung is also not a cheap computer, even if you can find a few affordable options. It offers all-around performance with middle-of-the-road price.


Hewlett-Packard (HP)

HP Logo

Hewlett-Packard also known as HP has been a leader in the PC for some time and still is a large set of notebooks and desktops. HP computer and laptop is familiar and easy to use. The company provides excellent service and high quality products that last longer than many other brands.



Sony make.believe logo - white

Sony is another name you can easily recognize the quality in their products. It competes with Samsung and Dell in the computer field according to the products, which are not cheap, but not too high a price. Like others, SONY also uses high-quality materials that are designed to maintain with regular use.



Asus Logo

ASUS is developing as a leader brand for PCs. Asus designed some nice computers and improved features that were not able to make an impression in the past. Nevertheless, new models seem designed for easier use. Plus, touch panels have also seen improvement and more user-friendly.



Toshiba Logo

In the world of laptops and netbooks, there is one name that stands out most clearly is Toshiba. The quality and performance of these systems is excellent. The battery life of the PC is one of the best. If you are going to use your laptop for professional work, makes high demands on the computer’s performance, then you should choose to Toshiba. Toshiba is also an excellent choice as a gaming.

Choosing the right brand of the computer depends on how you feel most comfortable. Then it’s up to you to decide what type of computer is that the brand works best for you and what configuration meets your requirements.

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