HTC Handheld Camera to Launch in 2015

Jack Tong , president for HTC North Asia has revealed that next year will launch a new version of its latest action camera HTC Handheld because they intend to increase their range of products due to low sales in the market for smartphones.

HTC Handheld Camera

An estimated 5% of the 8 million buyers in Taiwan will also want to purchase the latest HTC camera. A figure that the company says is too low considering that it is a leading brand.

The first version was released in the US in October, and the results obtained through the sales of the first model of HTC Handheld, and will be used as an indicator to predict the possible sales ahead bring to the new version.

We must remember that HTC Handheld has a 16 megapixels sensor and a wide angle of 146 degrees. It is a device you take a picture instantly, for which only we press the button on his back. When the camera of HTC was launched, there was questioned about the exact functionality of the device.

The camera intends to offer the possibility of transporting a device that allows us to take pictures, quickly and conveniently. But the truth is that trying to compete directly with smartphone camera.

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