What to do If You Lost Your Smartphone

Did you lost your phone! Breathe, calm down and follow the steps described below for you to protect your device, and you kept all data on it.

Lost Smartphone



Previous Steps

It is important to follow these instructions when we bought a smartphone, better safe than sorry.

Note the IMEI Number of your Smartphone: Find it by typing *#06# on your phone. Write it down or send yourself screenshot to your email, it is essential to lock the device.

Modifies the PIN Code: Default your phone codes usually 0000 or 1234, it is important to change it from the beginning. If a thief steals your phone, these two are the first codes to be entered.

Make a Backup of your Data: Make backup images, music, contacts, SMS and everything you consider important in your smartphone. Do it regularly.

Password Lock Screen: Use a screen lock pattern or code. You will make it more complicated and thief can’t do anything.

Smartphone Insurance: If you bought a smartphone after a certain amount, no discards ensure this, many companies will offer a free replacement if it has been stolen and block the IMEI earlier.

Having 100% secure smartphone is not possible, there is always a gap or thief who gets confused.


Steps to do After You Lost Your Smartphone

You should make sure your phone and data remain safe way:

Call your Phone Company: You can call from another phone to your company and provide your details, to suspend the line. Do you want to find a bill of thousands of euros in calls that you have not done. You can suspend the line to transmit messages, data or calls, but you can still keep operative to receive, if someone is mobile and you need to call to get it back.

File a Police Report: You need the IMEI number, references the device (color, make, model), the telephone company name and phone number. Of course, you’ll have to clarify the circumstances of his disappearance, and bring any witnesses if any.

Contact your Insurance: If you have an insurance contract, contact them. Ask to remember the conditions to receive a replacement smartphone and the sooner you do after a theft or loss better. Do not try the trick of pretending that you have lost your mobile to get another, they block the other devices with IMEI.

Try to Locate the Smartphone: With Android Device Manager you can locate the smartphone, make sounds or block, you can also delete all your data so that they are not used by any stranger.

Change Passwords of your Emails: This is the most important step to do, you need to change your email password from your computer, So that thief can’t read your emails from your phone. If you login your email via your stolen mobile phone. If you have another logged in websites in your mobile, then change those sites passwords to.

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