Tips to Record the Best Video with GoPro Hero 4

Making the video takes a lot practice, and whether you are desiring to become a professional photographer or you just want an great home videos, you need to practice. With GoPro Hero 4 new camera model, you can shoot the best professional videos in an easy way. Let’s check out the some of the best features of GoPro Hero 4 camera.

GoPro Hero 4

Using the Zoom Function of GoPro Hero 4

People usually do one common mistake to record video is overusing the video camera zooming feature. The result of this is too amateurish looking videos that can make the viewer dizzy. Make sure to stable the camera and then zoom-in or zoom-out while recording. If possible, you should avoid using digital zoom and instead use the optical zoom. While it may get you closer to your subject as you want, you can use a good quality video.


Framing your Shots Better

GoPro Hero 4 Feature

Make sure you fill the frame on the subject. You can place a small object Center to view more visually interesting. Usage of the wide shots a lot rely along the wide sweeping shots from your setting, if you would like to show the location address. Focusing on small objects, which allows you to transfer the atmosphere is much more effective.


Choosing the Observation

You have to shoot a video for a few vantage points to capture the best shots.With this, you will get a mixed number of shots, and it can help to enhance the drama of the best moments. You must use the best shooting angle, dependant on your environment.It means that you may want to kneeling or climb higher depending on the shot you prefer to capture.


Light of the Camera

Lighting is all important while shooting video. Stick around off backlighting as shooting your contents to keep off hiding facial features and expressions. Moving from one side to the a different lighting will assist you deal with the position. Whilst shooting outside, you want to think about the best time to take the shots.

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