Story and the History of GoPro Camera

Remember Flip video by Cisco Systems for? Flip was one of the first things most famous known as a pocket camera. Well, almost gone. GoPro, the camcorder pocket made for rugged outdoor environments is still a thriving since it began in 2002.

GoPro hero4 and hero3+

GoPro is the first sign of the company Woodman Labs Inc., based out of Half Moon Bay, Ca. Pre-2002 Nick Woodman, founder and chief executive of Woodman Labs, moved back to his parents. An effort to get away from his parents Nick traveled and surfing beaches in California and the development of what is now the GoPro HD Hero.

First, GoPro market, and also by found, outside the sports community as a way of documenting the highlights of their life. In the past few years, it has expanded to market new and unexpected film career. With GoPro take pictures and videos of very high quality, it does not have all jalasyada and whistles of a professional camera and to be marketed to the professionals.


Initially, GoPro market, well received by the outdoor sports community as a means of documenting the highlights of their lives. In a couple of years, it’s expanded into fresh and unforeseen market professional videographers. Although GoPro takes extremely high-quality photos with a professional photographic camera, and was not in the market.

However, many people have noticed this particular device highly intelligent film industry because of its low cost and high durability in extreme situations.

Some of the best GoPro Products:

  • HERO4
  • HERO3+
  • HERO3
  • HD HERO2
  • HD HERO 960
  • Digital HERO 5
  • Digital HERO 3
  • GoPro HERO 35mm

Andy Casagrande IV, a videographer from National Geographic and Discovery Channel, shoot some footage that was never before possible in the film from GoPro. In particular, he got shots from inside the camera and eating sharks in Shark’s mouth, attaching GoPro cameras seal Dummies.

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