Google to Launch YouTube Gaming Website and App

Google has announced a website and an application called YouTube gaming is all set to compete with Amazon Twitch acquired in 2014. As Twitch, YouTube game will allow users to view gaming videos and live streams.

YouTube Gaming

Along with this, the application and the website will allow users to add a game to collection so they can watch videos on the game and users will also be notified in case of a live stream available. YouTube Gaming also provide suggestions on the basis of games and channels that users enjoy.

The application will house more than 25,000 games. All these games have their own page, so it will make it easier for users to access gaming videos and live streams. The home screen is designed considering live streams remain front and center. Most recently, for users who transmit the games, YouTube provides 60fps live streaming. Google also says it will provide better live experience so users can spread easily to YouTube game.

YouTube Gaming is set to launch this summer in the US and the United Kingdom. People can register for the application and the website through so they can get a notification and when it launched.

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