The Basic Digital Camera Functions You want to Know

Photography can be referred to as the process of creating still or moving images, methods of capturing, viewing live data and storing it in radiation-sensitive medium, such as film or electronic, electromagnetic sensors.

Light emitted from the patterns obtained from a photographic film or electronic sensor activated chemical storage material. This is usually done through the camera lens that is highly sensitive.

Camera Functions

The Function of the Camera

The basic principle of the camera that controls the amount of light and the time of exposure of the camera to the outside world using a lens. When there is enough light, then we can form a picture of a movie. This raw image can then be processed to obtain real-time original image.

Movie camera on a different type of camera, with total movements are captured, not just yet. The basic idea behind the movie camera, the data can be captured in a sequence of photos without the delay between them. This is a moving frame, which often attracted to the sound.


Controlling a Camera

To make sure we get sharp and clear photos, we need to make sure we adjust the camera settings to manually or automatically.


Focusing the Camera

The purpose of the adjustment is carried out to obtain the desired area of the apex is possible or desirable. This is best way to get the perfect photo.


Shutter Speed of the Camera

It controls the speed of the shutter, which opens and closes the shutter speed are called. This usually speeds milliseconds. This is the time that the imaging medium and exposed to light from the storage medium.


White Balance

White balance is a special feature of digital cameras is used to ensure that white light is captured because it was a real medium, so that the colors that appear naturally in the imaging area.



Auto-focus point is the new feature in new digital cameras as this is the most important feature to meets the photographer’s desire. Today, several auto focus points in the Finder are also available.

Nowadays there are many features has been added in camera to click the perfect photo in the filter section like Blur, Sketch, Mirror, Autumn, Indigo, Mono, 1970s, Vivi, Daw, Vintage, Fisheye effects etc.

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