Best Cyber Crime Prevention Tips

I’d like to talk over during an one and the same stimulating issue that is Cyber Crime, or in a different terms the crime committed from means by computers all over the internet. The illegitimate use of computer to encourage fraudulent activities suchlike child pornography, stealing personal identifiable information or violating policies of any association, entirely such actions could be classified below Cyber Crime. About the misbehaves is triggered via Internet and they’re study has gained importance in modern decades, as the use of internet is seen in all sector of society equal business, entertainment, sports, etc. So toady we will check out the below best Cyber Crime Prevention tips:

Cyber Crime

Strong Password:

The one and only thing you need to keep in your mind is to create a strong password. Make the passwords more complex through combining letters, numbers, special characters (minimum 10 characters in total) and change it on a regular base. Make sure your password contains 15 characters, uppercase letters, lowercase letters, numbers, symbols.

Your password doesn’t have previous passwords, your name, friend’s name, family member’s name, phone number, dictionary word, common name or keyboard pattern.


Computer Security:

You must use the latest antivirus on your computer, laptop or smartphone also in your computer you need to activate your firewall which block connections to unknown or virus, spam, phishing attack sites and will keep away a few cases from viruses and hackers.

This will also block spyware attacks which prevent spyware from Penetrating your computer from installing and updating anti-spyware software package.


Make Social Network Profile Private:

If you are using Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google+, YouTube or any other social networking site than you will need to set the security level to private which means no one can see your photos, birth date, home address, email id etc.


Securing Your Mobile Phone:

Be aware that your smart phone device is vulnerable to viruses as well as hackers. Download applications from trustworthy sources. Also you need to update your mobile apps on regular basis.


Installing Latest Operating System:

Keep your programs and operating system (e.g. Windows, Mac, Linux) the latest with the latest program updates. Activate automatic updates to reduce prospective attacks on slightly older software.


Securing your Wireless (Wi-Fi) Network:


Wireless wi-fi networks in the home are at risk of intrusion if they are not properly secured. Review and modify default configurations. Public Wi-Fi, a.k.a. “Hot Spots”, will also be vulnerable. Keep away from doing financial or corporate and business transactions on these kinds of networks.


Don’t Open Hyperlink Links in your Email:

Whenever you receive hyperlink email, it means that email is a phishing attack email which may require you to your email login details. So never click on those links, trusted companies always send the direct open link with secured https connection. Check out the below difference:

Hyperlink email Link looks like: Click Here

“Click Here” text will sometime contains a phishing attack email so don’t open it.

Direct Link Email looks like: is the correct way to login to your Facebook account.

Check out the below amazing video name as Caramel APPLE vs. ONION Prank! which will guide you what links in your emails to open.

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