How to Create Strong Password

A strong password is a password that no one can guess. Some systems may be able to know our password from brute force attacks. These attacks consist of performing all possible tests to give the password. Obviously this takes time. The saddest thing would be that someone was able to guess our password without much.

We should not use words like “Hello”, even if this is accompanied by symbols or numbers. Of course, we should not use our name or a nickname, or other whole word. You can also read our previous article Best Cyber Crime Prevention Tips.

strong password


Your Password has More than Eight Characters

Systems that attack the password on a test basis can guess our password in much less time if it is too short. Therefore, it is ideal that the password is always long, at least eight characters. But the truth is that we can get it much longer easily, so we’d better create a password of about 16 characters.


Don’t Use Same Passwords

Another thing to consider is that we should avoid repeating passwords. There are safer than other systems. Suppose we have the same password for the bank to a neighborhood store that has an online portal.

Although it is a very complex password, any hacker can easily obtain our bank password. Therefore, it is best to avoid having multiple passwords. Ideal would be to have one for each site. As it is unlikely to do that, a good practice is to use a password for sites that seem less secure, and vary all those passwords sites that want to maximize security.


Combine Symbols, Uppercase, Lowercase, and Numbers

Strong Password Tips

In turn, it is important that your passwords combine letters of each of the types of characters you have available, numbers, uppercase letters, lowercase letters and symbols. Perhaps the ideal is always begun with the letter, as some sites don’t allow you to create passwords that begin with a number.

A small suggestion which can be very useful for creating a password is to find a sentence that makes sense to us and is easy to remember.

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