3 Best Communication Technology Ever Made

Technology is the means by which the human being is controlling or altering its natural environment with the aim of facilitating some aspects of his life. Communicating means sharing information, therefore, saying, “communication technology” the reform the media that the man has created to make it easier to exchange information with other human beings.



the telegraph invention

It was one consisting of an apparatus and receive send electrical signals through a code to communicate with other telegraph. Telegraph apparatus is the source of all information processes and means of communication was a trans-formative technology for revolutionizing society. The modern telegraph service in the 1950s and 1960s the different operators began marketing several private telegraph services and public character.




First time described the theoretical basis of the propagation of electromagnetic waves by James Clerk Maxwell. In a document addressed to the Soviet called a dynamic theory of electromagnetic field trusts, in which he describes his work between 1861 and 1865.



Television set

Television is a device technology comes from the early twentieth century in black and white, who happened to pass by the end of that century and with color. Lets you see the image, video and sound to distance through electromagnetic waves or cable signal is transmitted many times, using electric or telephone lines.

Original discovery the television in the mid-nineteenth century (the word would not be used if no television until 1900), owes its progress and development several researchers who experimented with the tradition of image via electromagnetic wave.

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