Boost Your Alexa Ranking Quickly With Alexa Boostup

I found a website to boost up your Alexa ranking very fast. Although it is a fake method but I tested it personally and found that it is working perfectly. Alexa Boostup is offering an auto surfer which is making the process completely automated so you don’t need to worry a lot. 



  • Go to Alexa Boost Up 
  • Signup for an account
  • After signing up you will see dashboard 
  • Enter your website URL and mark enable website and save
  • Now because it is an automatic process so it works with popup windows so allow the popups in your browser by clicking allow popups from the top menu
  • Now click on Autosurf Booster and it will start working you don’t need to do anything now it is completely automatic


It gives you some points when you visits other website and you can use those earned point to make others visit your website. 1 point is for one hit to your website. You can also buy points with very affordable prices. 


  • Because this will boost your alexa ranking so this is obvious that you need an alexa account. 
  • Alexa toolbar must be installed into your browser for this.

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