Choosing the Best Android Tablet

At the age of smartphones and tablets, Android-powered devices successfully managed to carve out a unique identity for them. All Android-powered devices are known for the best user-friendly interface, cheap apps and games available to them. Although these applications are already part of many smartphones that have come before Android, they were quite expensive that not everyone can afford. With the introduction of Android driven smartphones and tablets on the market, this whole series of high-end games, as well as applications become available the common masses. So here we talked about what you need to know or check the specs of Android tablet before you buy.

Best Android Tablet

Android Tablet Size:

One of the most attractive and advantageous things about the tablets is that it is the compact in size. Its elegant design and smart built of tablet is what it them easy to carry as well as watch. 7 inch tablet from Android is the cheaper as compared to other available in market. But if you love to play games than I recommend you to get the 10 inch tablet which simply give you full gaming experience.


Right OS Android System:

Android Tablet

Like iOS, the various versions of Android operating systems are also available. All of these versions of Android has their own feature set. Beginning with the first version Android 1.5 (cup cake), second Android 1.6 Donut (API level 4), third Android 2.0 Eclair (API level 5) there are also nine more versions available. The latest Android – 5.0 Lollipop has tons of awesome features covering from Material Design, Notifications, Power Battery, Security, Device Sharing feature, Quick Settings, Connectivity, Runtime and Performance.

Android – 5.0 Lollipop also supports Android TV with 68+ languages And a whole lot more


Right Place to Buy Android Tablet

Before purchasing any tablet you should first check online customer reviews and know what their advantages and disadvantages so you won’t get in trouble in future and make your own choice which model you want. But, it may not be so hard to you choose between the tablet. Only way to get zero in on any of the Android tablet is that it is definitely about the features and specifications that you expect to be there of your tablet.


Budget of Your Android Tablet?

Cheap Android Tablet Budget

The cost of Android tablet depends on Android operating system version which has been installed, and the possibilities offered by it. Different factors that contributing to final price of tablet included with the operating system, features, built, design, usability and size. While the smaller tablets were definitely a cheaper than the bigger ones, it simply depends on customer requirements and the budget.

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