August Smart Lock – Are you Ready to Get Rid of Pesky Keys?

The new electronic lock for doors, operable with a mobile app on your phone may soon become the mainstream in the world of ideas for smart home.

The development team from August Smart Locks demonstrates its smart locking design studio Fuse Project.

Introduced in August last year, the creative idea of ​​industrial designer Yves Behar (Yves Behar) and veteran developer Jason Johnson (Jason Johnson) found its expression in the castle called intelligent August Smart Lock. This device does not require use of a conventional wrench. Just Bring your phone to the lock and the door opens.

August Smart Lock 2

We wanted to create something simple and affordable to everyone. Something that could be found in any hardware store, take with you and install on their own at home – says Johnson, Chief Executive Officer August Smart Lock. – Installation of our lock should be of a simple manipulation of two-three nuts and bolts and approach 85 – 90% of all the doors in the country.

For just $249, this trick will save you from the habit of nervously fumbling through pockets in search of keys. Constructive Solutions, embodied in August Smart Lock allows you to mount it in any standard slot for mortise lock on any of the doors in your apartment or house (but now you still should look for your phone in your pocket).

Thus, in August Smart Lock joined the competition in the growing market of intelligent systems and gadgets for the home, who have access to the World Wide Web. Among such systems are well-proven camera from the company Dropcam for wireless transmission of digital data streams (technology Wi-Fi), which allow people to view the images in real time via proprietary cloud service, as well as a smart thermostat Nest of California Nest Labs, your guardian homeliness from the winter cold and summer heat.

August Smart Lock

At the same time, it is not only the so-called smart lock on the market. Other companies such as Schlage and Kwikset also offer customers similar solutions for the home. As it competes with Smart Lock, this gadget is associated with your smartphone using the technology Bluetooth, authorizes you, and then opens the lock.

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