Why 3D Printing is Important

If you have a computer at home, is also likely to have a printer, but certainly not a 3D printer. 3D printing seems a technology of the future, but the reality is that apparently is here and here to stay.

3D Printing

Currently, The most important companies are designing 3D printing machines soaring costs. For now, these machines are only used for business purposes.

For example, an architect who want to create a model of a house or to build a small scale. With this printing technique, you can do it, and just pressing a button. Another commercial area where printing is also used in 3D is in industrial design. A designer can create the model that comes to mind in the computer and when you are happy with your design, makes it a real 3D.

The wonderful thing is that 3D printing allows you to view any design before their eyes. In another era, would have had to create a design on the screen and printed on one sheet. It does not show the whole picture.

Even if creating an image from each existing angle would be quite difficult to unite all parts. I’d have to create a model from scratch, or someone else do it for you. It is not comparable at all to press a button and let the machine create the 3D model for you.

In the future, we can print 3D models and figures in our homes? The reality is that these printers seem to be adapted for home use in the future. At the moment, professionals who can afford these machines are the only ones who give daily use. Soon we expect schools also join. According to businessinsider.com Formlabs ran a Kickstarter to bring its Form-1 printer to market and raised just under $3 million.

The dot matrix printer paved the way for the laser printer, similarly, it seems that the 3D printer is next on the list. Can you imagine thinking of a figure and then print it in 3D? This technology will be useful in innumerable ways, and it will be fascinating to witness the uses to be discovered in the coming years. You may also find interesting great websites like 3DPrinter.net, 3DPrinting.com and 3ders.org.

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